Upcoming Shows

Marissa Burgess - Bastille Day- Fête Nationale Francaise - Friday 14 July, 2023

It is Bastille Day and time to celebrate all things “French”. Our French celebration will feature Marissa Burgess who will transform you to Paris by Night – it’s legendary charm and its ladies of the night; the Bombastic kick line of the Can Can and coquetry with costumes made in France and performed by French dancers. 

Marissa Burgess is an internationally renowned singer, dancer and producer with a long list of credits to her name. Marissa performed in a starring role at the Moulin Rouge in Paris for 17 years, earning her many accolades as a dancer with a natural stage presence. Marissa sings, dances, and moves with a grace which one would expect of a classically trained artist. She glides and moves about the stage with ease, taking the audience with her as she leads them down the path of a story told in song. 

Marissa will be joined by her band led by Les Woodford performing songs from French artists including Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Sacha Distel, and Eartha Kitt. Along with guest artist singer Romony Rogers, Marissa and her dancing girls will bring the glitz and glamour of a Parisian revue; jewel adorned showgirls; feathers galore and the Can Can.  

Marissa says “It’s been a delight preparing this show for Bastille Day, digging deep into French National Pride with Francophile co-Star Romony! We’re very proud of this Bastille Day celebration and I know us two Aussies will do the French proud!” 

Caxton Street Jazz Band "Hot Swinging Jazz" " - Wednesday 2 August, 2023

The Caxton Street Jazz Band is recognised both locally and internationally as one of Australia’s leading jazz bands. 

The band presents hot, swinging jazz in a manner that elicits enthusiastic responses from listening and/or dancing audiences. This is 6-piece band that not only appeals to jazz aficionados, but also to the general public at large. The inspiration for the band is the classic hot jazz of the early 20th century, but many other influences are represented in its output. These include big band swing, mainstream jazz, folk, country, rhythm and blues, and popular tunes of the 30s, 40s and 50s. This variety of repertoire has in part been responsible for the band’s unprecedented popularity in recent years, with demand for its performances coming from jazz festivals, jazz clubs, and private events. 

Regarded as one of Australia’s top bands playing in the hot jazz style, Brisbane’s Caxton Street Jazz Band has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years with their crisp arrangements and tight ensemble playing. The Caxton Street Jazz Band is a favourite of jazz lovers throughout Australia and has earned them raving reviews wherever they appear. If you love jazz, you will love The Caxton Street Jazz Band.

Dean Vegas - A Tribute To Elvis Presley - Wednesday 6 September, 2023

The Kitty Kats - "The Roaring Fortys to the Naughties" - Wednesday 4 October, 2023

The Soulmen - Tribute to the Commitments - Wednesday 1 November, 2023

The Soul Men – Tribute to the Commitments. The band specialise in performing music from the movie ‘The Commitments’, and they do it damn well. The band cover all your favourite rock, soul and pop classics brought back into popularity by the 1991 film. Rather than just a tribute band, they’re a portal into the humble days of blues and soul.  The Soul Men have rocked the club circuit, festivals and other events with their resurrection of the classics for almost a decade. Crowds experiencing their lively performance are transported into an oasis alive with classic rhythm and blues, however the show isn’t just about reliving the glory days. The music is reverberating through to the next generation of fans, illuminating the true origins of R&B and enthralling crowds to dance along with the choreography of the band – rather than getting lost in a mosh pit.  With musical roots like these, this band is bringing soul back to the people, uniting cardigans and rock band tees to the same beat and inspiring crowds to really shake their tail feather. Lead vocalist and blues showman Greg Hill believes everybody can dance, it just takes the right beat. You can bet you will find that beat, and an infestation of tapping toes at a Soul Men – Tribute to the Commitments show.

Come on a journey with the band and be transformed by Australia’s own version of Dublin Soul. This isn’t just a band; this is entertainment. They are the saviours of soul. They are The Soul Men.

Greg Hill – Vocals, Louise Smith – Vocals, Ella King – Vocals, Eve King – Vocals, Malcolm ‘The Major’ Bell – Drums, Damien ‘The Minor’ Bell – Bass, Travis ‘TJ’ Earsman – Guitar, Andrew ‘The Kid’ Fincher – Keys, Clint ‘The Lips’ Allen – Trumpet, Brad ‘The Mad Dog’ Scriven – Saxophone, Andy ‘The Bones’ Troy – Trombone