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The Soul Men – “The Blues Brothers Return”

Wednesday 4 November, 2020

The Blue Brothers Return – Featuring The Soul Men – Get Ready To Shake Your Tail Feather

There once was a band that played a Blues Brothers tribute show, but what happens when you outshine the ‘tribute’ mantle?  Allow us to introduce you to The Soul Men.  Ten musicians presenting the Blues Brothers as faithfully as possible.  A big band comprised of four instrumentalists in the rhythm section, three in the brass section and three dynamic vocalists, The Soul Men energise the stage with a mixture of dance, laughter and the kind of tunes that’ll make you mourn what music once was. 

The Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute aren’t just a tribute act, they’re a time-machine to an era where dropping the bass actually meant dropping your bass guitar.  With blues showman Greg Hill playing the role of Jake, renowned singer and harmonica wizard Brent Moetara playing Elwood and vocal powerhouse Mrs Murphy as the incomparable Asabi Goodman, you won’t find an act like this anywhere on the planet.

So with the spirited choreography and the jokes loaded, all you need to do is take care of business, buy your tickets, show up and shake your tail feather with us! 

The Soul Men produced one of our most popular, if not the most popular show with our members and guests in 2019.  So get into the spirit and come along with a black fedora, shades, tie, and sideburns (real or fake) for what will be another spectacular show.