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Membership Update.

Our Club has 306 members comprised of 102 Single Memberships and 204 Couple Memberships.  Despite the previous COVID challenges our Club was confronted with, our membership remain at all time high levels. 

Membership Status

As our Club membership cards have been designed to remain in an operational condition over many years, all reference to the period of membership currency has been removed from membership cards.  Similarly, our membership periods are not constrained by calendar or financial years, but are dynamic and operate for a period of 1 year from the date membership fees are received.  Whilst this approach has enabled cost efficiencies to be achieved, it has a downside in that members have no visibility of when their memberships are due for renewal.  In order to resolve this issue, the following Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club Membership Status list will be updated monthly and published on this page on our website.  This will provide members with the ability at any time to check their membership currency and expiry date status.  Just Click on the Blue link below and when the list displays, scroll down until you find your membership number(s) and your membership currency and expiry date. 

                                                                              Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club Membership Status

Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club 2024 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of  Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club will be held at 5:30pm, Thursday, 12 June 2024 in the lounge adjacent to the Lakeside Room at HOTA.  AGM related documentation including AGM Meeting Minutes, President’s Report, Secretary/Treasurer’s Report, and the Club’s 2023/2024 Annual Financial Statements can be made available to members upon request to the Secretary/Treasurer at  Please see below for links to documents of relevance to the Club’s 2024 AGM.