Member's News

  • Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 4 November, 2020 and documents tabled at our AGM and the minutes of the meeting are provided for you to view at the bottom of this Member’s News page.
  •  The Management Committee has prepared a Draft of the proposed new Rules for our Club, (previously known as our Constitution) to better reflect the way our club currently operates.  Scroll down on this page for further information of relevance to our proposed New Rules. 
  • As at 9 November, 2020, our Club has 280 members.  

Annual Christmas Party - 30 November, 2020

Many thanks to all of our members who attended our annual Christmas Party, at the Skypoint Observation Deck.  We trust that you all had an enjoyable evening as we start to see out 2020 which has been a very challenging year for us all.  The prizes that we had arranged for our raffles and member’s draws were valued at over $1,000 and we wish to thank our  sponsors and supporters for their generosity with their donations.  Special acknowledgement and a huge Thank You to our special prize donors as follows:

  • Two Nights Accommodation including breakfast at the Manor Apartment Hotel in Brisbane – Donated by our members, Paula & Robert Whittingham.
  • Seafood Vouchers to the award winning Mudgeeraba Seafoods on School Street – Donated by our members, Peter & Peisie Hawkes.
  • Double Annual Pass to Skypoint Observation Deck – Donated by Skypoint
  • Levante Hill Yarra Valley Syrah Wine – Donated By Benson’s Property Group

Thank you to all of our members who supported us with their raffle ticket purchases which raised over $800 and was a great help in assisting us with the costs of staging this event.  The venue for our party had a maximum attendee count of 200, and we had 199 members and their guests attend on the night.  Unfortunately, the Full Moon did not make an appearance at our party due to the thick smoke haze drifting south from the bushfires on Fraser Island.  Thankyou to Issi Dye for  entertaining our members and their guests with his great music, and last but not least to the management and staff of Skypoint who enabled us all to have a most enjoyable and memorable Christmas Party.

Our Prizewinners at our Christmas party were as follows: 

Betty Beverley - Major Christmas Hamper

Marilyn Redman - Christmas Hamper

Neil Samer - Christmas Wreath

Margaret Michau - Hopon/Hopoff Ferry Pass

Betty Beverley - Dan Murphy's Voucher

Elaine Speedie - Seafood Voucher

Noela Hutchison - 2 Nights Accommodation - Manor Apartment Hotel

Noela Hutchison & Paula Whittingham - Manor Apartment Hotel Prize Donor

Lisa Grant - Levante Hill Wine

Chris McCormick - Seafood Voucher

Peter Presser - Skypoint Double Annual Pass

Special Presentation - Pepperjack Red Wine To Andy Dowdeswell - In Recognition Of His Unparallled Technical Planning & Support For All Of Our Shows Staged At HOTA

Draft New Club Club Rules - For Member Review

Over the past 12 months, your Management Committee has been working on developing new Rules (formerly known as The Constitution) for our Club to more closely reflect how our Club actually operates.  Our club’s original Constitution was prepared circa 1990, at a time that pre-dated many of the technologies that we all depend on and are commonplace in today’s world.  These technology capabilities include the Internet, Email, Electronic Funds Transfer, Smartphones, Text Messaging and many more.  The days when cheques were the primary instrument to pay creditors and correspondence, invoices and receipts were sent in paper form using Australia Post are fast fading into history.  At the time our original Constitution was prepared, the adoption of this document at an Annual General Meeting was all that was required to formalise it for the Club’s operations.  In the intervening period, QLD Government Regulations concerning Incorporated Associations have come into play, and these are now controlled by the QLD Office Of Fair Trading.  The Rules of all Incorporated Associations in QLD must comply with the Associations Incorporation Act – 1981 – QLD and must be registered with the QLD Office Of Fair Trading.  The Rules of Incorporated Associations in QLD that have not been registered with the QLD Office Of Fair Trading are not recognised by the QLD Government.  The Rules for such Incorporated Associations are deemed to be a generic set of rules, known as the ‘Model Rules’ developed by the QLD Office Of Fair Trading.  In the opinion of your Management Committee, the ‘Model Rules’ do not have sufficient alignment with our Club’s Objects and how we actually operate. 

A draft of our proposed  new Rules for our Club has been prepared and can be accessed by clicking the button below.  We would greatly appreciate your review of our proposed Club Rules and would encourage you to provide any feedback as to how our Rules can be improved.  Feedback should be provided to our Club Secretary at  Our intention is to hold a General Meeting of  members in early February 2021 for the express purpose of adopting our new Club Rules.  

Gold Coast Jazz & Blues Club 2020 Annual General Meeting